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2017 Projects

Trowbridge Park Map 

I was delighted when Trowbridge Town Council asked me to produce 2 maps for the park. The park is going through a major refit at the moment and funding will ensure community projects will be completed creating a new and exciting park for future generations. 

Liberal Democrat meme

If you know me, it's no secret that when the country voted to leave the EU, I was heart broken. The Lib Dems are one of the only parties who align with my views. I tried to help out social media groups as much as possible during the GE. This is one example.

Beadworkers Guild Members only poster

The Beadworkers Guild are constantly trying to increase their membership and they want to promote the benefits of having a Guild membership.

Monkton Farleigh Village Fete

I was kindly asked to produce the programme for Monkton Farleigh Village Fete again this year. This cover is a little different from the usual covers I create for them. they liked it, that's the main thing!

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