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Meet the family

  • By Helen Pocock
  • 28 Jun, 2017

My baby boy - Alfie

Never had a woof'ums before this little mite. Never look back. Dogs are amazin' xxx

My other boys

Baldrick or otherwise know as snaggle tooth
TJ - Baldrick's illegitimate son.
Smudge - Baldrick's brother and could also me TJ's illegitimate father.

The rest of the family

I do have children and husband, but I'm sure they will feature at some point. x

By Helen Pocock 30 Jun, 2017
Yesterday - what a busy day! I know, I was going to try and write yesterday, but by the time I had finished, a G&T was in my hand and nothing else matters.

It was a great day though, lots done, lots completed. Started off by getting Esme across to Debs for 9am. The transformation is amazing (see above). I think it was completed at 2pm. Just another load of bleach / toner/ olaplaex/ colour (probably not in that order). We are all looking forward to our next visit on Monday as it's PROM DAY!

After dropping child no. 2 off at Debs, I delivered the Trowbridge map print outs to the Civic Centre. Haven't heard back from Bill so I'm taking no news is good news 😕I'm sure if there was something wrong with them, I would have heard instantly.

When that task was completed, I hot footed, put the pedal to the metal (is that the phrase) across to Cor-Sham to work with Sammy in the café. Fun times had by all, some lovely customers, some not so lovely customers. A beautiful week old baby who was so scrummy. 

Work completed, esme picked up, dinner cooked and then off to Clubbercise.  Totally recommend Clubbercise, although poor Roz was fighting with her microphone all evening. It's a high energy exercise class with dance music, glow sticks, dark room and disco lights; brilliant fun. 

Apart from that, and organising a weekend away (yay!) and the anticipation of child no. 1 on his way home (Saturday); that's it! Not that interesting for all of you, and certainly no design work completed, but to be honest, once the Journal is completed for another edition, I quite like not looking at photoshop/indesign/illustrator et al, for a little while. I might blog later, depends on whether anything interesting happens today. Speak soon bat fans!
By Helen Pocock 28 Jun, 2017
Today started off being an admin day. I needed to get all my invoices done before my computer goes kerput! He's not a very happy boy at the moment, I really need to take him to the lads a Farpoint in Bath (very good Apple retailer - highly recommended - do not go to the apple shop), but I'm a little scared at what they are going to say, or how long they are going to keep my baby. I will however keep plodding on until smoke emerges from the dvd drive (yes I have had that happen before).  

The day normally starts with an Alfie walk, but m'poor boy had to do with a midday walk and in the rain...! Pointers and rain do not mix.

Anyway, getting back to my day, the afternoon was a little more interesting. 
Esme - child no. 2, is taking after her mother.....but more so. This afternoon we ventured across to Trow-vegas to visit the delightful Debs - hair dresser extraordinaire and good friend. Debs has been a family friend since before child 1 and child 2 were born, so I thought it would be only fitting for her to be the one to get her sticky fingers on the mane that is Esme's hair. Let me describe Esme's hair to you. Esme has long, golden, curly locks and a lot of them. Now that exams are over and she has no school for the next 2 months, it is time for something radical. So today was Part A of the transformation. She had a three hour appointment having it bleached. She now looks like a mermaid. Part B tomorrow will finish it off and it won't be as harsh.....hopefully. Stay tuned batfans...! 
By Helen Pocock 28 Jun, 2017
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.

Lol this was the standard text. If you know me, I never speak like this. It's going to be super great though peeps.... if I remember to blog mind!

By Helen Pocock 28 Jun, 2017
Never had a woof'ums before this little mite. Never look back. Dogs are amazin' xxx
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